About Parent Association

About PA

You are already a part of the PA, as a parent of students enrolled at PS/IS 206 Joseph F Lamb you are automatically a members of the Parents’ Association.  The Parents’ Board is the governing body of the Association, comprised of Grade Representatives and the Executive Committee Officers. Grade Representatives communicate with families each month and are expected to attend the monthly meetings. The Executive Committee’s focus is to distribute funds raised by the Association in a timely and equitable manner among the two School divisions PS and IS, as well as to ensure that the maximum number of students benefit from any expenditure.

The Parents’ Association is a critical part of the PS/IS 206 Joseph F Lamb School community. The Parent Association board and its volunteers are committed to enriching our children’s education.  We run many programs throughout the year to benefit our school and the education of our children.

We meets monthly to discuss business affairs, important school issues, and its fundraising activities.  Please take the time to consider what role you can play in helping to generate and provide supplemental support to the School. Our collective efforts will only enhance our children’s educational experience at PS/IS 206 Joseph F Lamb.  Therefore get involved, stay involved! Your support and participation is greatly appreciated.

Meet the 2015-2016 PA Executive Board

headshot Co-President: Yelena Guz & Svetlana Shlyam
The president preside at all meetings of the association. Responsible for delegate responsibilities to other association members and encourage meaningful participation in all parent and school activities. Attend all regular meetings of the presidents’ council and meet regularly with the executive board members to plan the agendas for the general membership meetings. Ensuring the School Secretary has been informed of any necessary permits to be obtained for PA events/meetings.
headshot Recording Secretary: Demetra Foti
The recording secretary records minutes at all association meetings. Prepare the minutes of each association meeting and distribute copies of the minutes at scheduled meeting for review and approval by the general membership. Maintain custody of the association’s records on school premises including the bylaws. 
headshot Treasurer: Galen Ko
The treasurer is responsible for all financial affairs and funds of the association. Maintaining an updated record of all income and expenditures on school premises and shall be one of the signatories on checks. Adhere to and implement all financial procedures established by the association. Prepare and present a written report of all transactions at every executive board and general membership meeting.
headshot 1st Vice President: Carly Chin
The 1st Vice President performs the duties of the President in her/his absence. Other duties is to inform the membership of all legislation and community affairs that may affect the school; assist all executive board members in all PA functions and/or fundraisers as necessary. In the event the position of the President is vacated, the 1st Vice President shall succeed to the position of President.
headshot 2nd Vice President of Fundraiser: OPEN
The 2nd Vice President recommend and make any necessary arrangements for the Fall (Candy Sale) Fundraiser, Picture Day Fundraiser, Winter Holiday Sale, and the Spring Boutique. Other duties is to recommend and make any necessary arrangements for the Halloween Harvest Dance, Valentine’s Day Dance, 5th Grade Prom, 8th Grade Prom, 8th Grade Graduation Party, Parent Appreciation Breakfast, and Staff Luncheon. 
headshot 3rd Vice President of Correspondence: OPEN
The 3rd Vice President conducts the correspondence of the association; this includes the notices of the general and special meetings of the Association, as well as notices for the meeting of the Executive Board. Answer all correspondence promptly, and shall keep a file of all correspondence received and replies made.
headshot 4th Vice President of Financial Secretary: OPEN
The 4th Vice President is the PA Financial Secretary have access of all books and records pertaining to the funds of the association. In the absence of the treasurer, she/he render a report of the association’s funds at each general and executive board meeting. Receive and record all money, and shall then promptly turn over all money to the treasurer for immediate deposit. 
headshot 5th Vice President of Purchasing: OPEN
The 5th Vice President makes all necessary arrangements for purchasing refreshments for all PA functions such as the PA school store, PA meetings, dances, and other PA events as requested. Responsible for purchasing items for the school store as necessary; this includes, but is not limited to, going to Jethro, Costco, BJs, and/or other grocery stores.
headshot 6th Vice President of PA School Store: Kostiuk Oksana
The 6th Vice President is responsible for the PA School Store. Order regular supplies for the PA school store. Keep a detailed list of PA school store inventory and prices.
headshot 7th Vice President of PA Website: Vera Fedoriv
The 7th Vice President is responsible for the management of the PA website. Communicate with parents as to provide pertinent information on the PA website. Ensure that permission is obtained for any use of pictures and statements on the PA website.
headshot 8th Vice President of Communication: Delfuza Delabaeva
The 8th Vice President is responsible for the communication from the PA. Make copies of and distribute flyers; manage the PA bulletin board; and update all PA news. Announce all events in our school and in our community, and responsible for encouraging parent participation, outreach and recruitment.
headshot 9th Vice President of Events: Olivia Tam
The 9th Vice President recommends and make any necessary arrangements for the Pizza Day/Bake Sale fundraisers. Other duties is to recommend and make any necessary arrangements for the Magic Show, Flea Market, and any other PA fundraisers and/or dances as necessary.*Refer to Bylaw for detail on executive board position and responsibilities.

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