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Free Flu Shot From Council Member, 48th District

Chaim M. Deutsch will be hosting a second free flu shot drive, this Thursday, October 22nd from 10am to 1pm. Call his office today to make an appointment at 718-368-9176.

Chaim M. Deutsch
Council Member, 48th District

Legislative Office:
250 Broadway, Suite 1815
New York, NY 10007

District Office:
2401 Avenue U, 1st Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11229

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New York City Department of Education Community Schools Policy

Community Schools as Part of the Mayor’s Equity Agenda

The New York City Department of Education views Community Schools as a central strategy for achieving an equitable educational system. The Community Schools initiative builds off of the Department of Education’s (DOE’s) Framework for Great Schools and is aligned with the administration’s efforts focused on youth and families, including expanding full-day pre-kindergarten to every four-year-old and offering afterschool programs to every middle schools student.

With equity as a key driver, the DOE is developing the next generation of Community Schools and creating the systems and structures to ensure these that these schools address inequality in sustainable ways and prepare students to be college and career ready.

Common Values and Features of Community Schools

Every Community School is different and reflects the strengths and needs of its students, families, and community. The most successful Community Schools are anchored this set of common values that serve as their foundation:

  • Strong instruction designed to provide personalized learning opportunities to increase all students’ academic achievement.
  • Robust engagement, anchored in positive youth development, ensuring that schools are welcoming and empowering to students, families and community members.
  • Continuous improvement using school and student data to tailor programming and instruction focused on results.

Community Schools also share common features that support student learning

  • School leadership has a clear instructional vision and high expectations for all students.
  • Schools implement a collaborative school governance structure that includes a lead CBO partner and members of the School Leadership Team (SLT).
  • Expanded learning time includes academic interventions and enrichment activities that are aligned with school day curriculum and expectations. As well as, rigorous, engaging and college and career preparation.
  • Student attendance is supported through drop-out prevention strategies.
  • Parents and caregivers are real and active partners in their children’s education.
  • Positive youth development strategies are infused across academics, programs and services.
  • All community schools stay open beyond traditional school hours and many also offer programming on weekends, school breaks, and during the summer.
  • Mental health, medical, and social services are available to students who need them.
  • Community members are engaged in activities that develop stronger school community.
  • Family members have access to educational opportunities and programs that strengthen families.

Core Elements of a NYC Community School

The administration has developed a framework to ensure consistency and quality across NYC Community Schools, while also providing schools with sufficient flexibility to encourage innovation. That framework is based on the following Core Elements:

Core Programs and Services

  • Expanded Learning Time
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Health Services
  • Mental Health Services
  • Parent and Family Engagement
  • Guidance and Social Services
  • Adult and Family Services
  • Positive youth development
  • Arts programming

Core Structures Needed to Provide Services

  •  A lead Community School Community-Based Organization (CBO) Partner
  • Dedicated Community School Director
  • Ongoing Needs Assessment
  • Defined Community Partnerships
  • Intentional Coordination of Services
  • Strategic Data Collection & Analysis
  • Authentic School-Based Governance

Core Outcomes and Results

With these; structures, programs, and services in place we are confident that our schools will achieve the following results:

Student-Level Results

  •  Increased attendance and student engagement
  •  Improved academic performance
  • Greater connectedness to adults and classmates in their schools
  • Development of social and emotional skills necessary for success

School-Level Outcomes

  • Improved school culture and climate
  • Improved student academic performance
  • Families are more actively engaged in children’s education
  • More seamless service delivery through increased collaboration between schools and partners

Information regarding where the full text of the proposed item may be obtained.

The full text of the policy, can be found on the main page of the website of the Panel for Educational Policy:

I. The name, office, address, email and telephone number of the city district representative, knowledgeable on the item under consideration, from whom information may be obtained concerning the item.

Name: Christopher Caruso
Office: Office of Community Schools
Address: 52 Chambers Street, New York, NY 10007
Email:<> Phone: (212) 346-5213

II. Comments can be delivered by email to<>, by phone to (212) 346-5213, or by mail to the address set forth above.

III. Date, time and place of the Panel for Educational Policy meeting at which the Panel will vote on the proposed item
November 19, 2015 at 6:00pm
M.S. 131
100 Hester Street
New York, NY 10002

Sadye L. Campoamor
Panel for Educational Policy & External Affairs
NYC Department of Education
(646) 812-0663 | (212) 374-6836<> |<>

Public Meeting of the Panel for Educational Policy

Murry Bergtraum High School
411 Pearl Street
New York, NY 10038
Tuesday, October 27, 2015
6:00 PM

In accordance with City Council legislation, Panel meetings will now be live-streamed over the Internet. To access this service, please register here<>. Registration will remain open until the meeting’s adjournment. A recording and transcript will be posted to the Panel website following the meeting.

Please be aware that if you choose to attend this meeting, your image or voice, or the image or voice of your child, may appear in the live-stream footage, or in the recording that will be posted to the Panel website.


Regular Public Meeting

A. Chancellor’s Update

B. Arts Advisory Committee Report

C. Aggregation of Community District Budgets Together with a Proposed Budget for Administrative Expenditures of the City Board and the Chancellor (see here<>).

The Panel will vote on the attached aggregation of community district budgets together with a proposed budget for administrative expenditures of the City board and the Chancellor. Public comment on this item will take place before the Panel votes.

D. Approval of Contracts (see here).<>

The Panel will vote on the attached list of contracts. Public comment on contracts being considered by the Panel will take place before the Panel votes.

E. General Public Comment

Sign Up For Public Comment
Speaker sign-up for agenda items B-E will begin at 5:30PM at the door and will close promptly at 6:30PM. Speakers may only sign themselves up for public comment, and only those who signed up will be permitted to speak during the appropriate public comment period(s). Each speaker will be allowed two minutes to speak during the public comment period(s) for which they signed up.
Interpretation Services
Interpretation services will be provided in Spanish; interpretation services for other languages will be provided upon request. American Sign Language will be provided through reservation only: (212) 374-5472 or<>.

Contact for agenda items: (212) 374-5472 / 52 Chambers Street, New York, NY 10007

Gifted & Talented (G&T) admissions for the 2016-2017 school year

Request for Testing
Submit a Request for Testing (RFT) form to have your child tested for a G&T program. Starting from thisWednesday, October 7 to Monday, November 9, you can submit the RFT form online or in person; to learn how to submit in person, please review the G&T Handbook. Whether you submit the RFT form online or in person, be sure to get a receipt!

Information Sessions
Learn how to apply for a K-3 G&T placement at one of our information sessions. For a complete information session schedule, visit our G&T Events page.

G&T Handbooks
Application guidelines and practice tests are available in the 2016 New York City Gifted & Talented Handbooks. Handbooks for Students Born in 2011, 2010, 2009, and 2008 are available online and in translation:

العربية | বাংলা | 中文 | Français | Kreyòl Ayisyen| 한국어 | Русский | Español | اردو

Print English and translated handbooks are available for families at pre-kindergarten programs, elementary schools, and Family Welcome Centers.

District 22 Middle School and High School Open Houses

8TH GRADE FAMILIES: District 22 High School Open Houses as of 9/28/15. Please check with schools for dates and times.

Borough High School Fair is October 17 & 18 from 11 AM – 3 PM
at Sunset Park High School,  153 35th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11232.

School Address ZIP Dates
Midwood HS
2839 Bedford Avenue 11210 Thursday, November 5th
6:00 PM- 8:00 PM
James Madison HS
3787 Bedford Avenue 11229 Wednesday, November 4th
6: 30 – 8: 30 PM
Leon Goldstein HS
1830 Shore Blvd 11210 Thursday,  October 22nd,
6:30 PM
Additional date/dates will be added, there is more information on the school website
Brooklyn College Academy 2900 Bedford Avenue 11210 Tuesday, October 20th & Tuesday, November 17th at 3:30 PM SHARP!
Call Faiza Wed – Fri ONLY!  at 718-853-6184 to reserve your seat(s).
3000 Avenue X 11235 Tours: 9:30 AM-10:30 AM on Wednesday, October 27, November 4, November 18 Open Houses: 6:30 PM on Wednesday, Oct 21 & Monday, November 23

5TH GRADE FAMILIES: Students who wish to apply to a talent testing program, including I.S. 239 Mark Twain (open to all NYC residents), you must fill out a Request for Testing (RFT) form. RFTs are available at your child’s elementary school upon request. The deadline for students to return completed RFT forms to your school is October 13.

Middle School Information and Resources

District 22 Middle School Open Houses:

IS 14
Shell Bank
2424 Batchelder Street,
Brooklyn NY 11235
Tuesday, October 27
5:30- 7:00 PM
Tours also given in November by appointment
IS 78
Roy H. Mann
1420 East 68th Street,
Brooklyn, NY 11234
Thursday,October 22nd
5:30-PM – 7:30 PM
 PS/IS 109  1001 E. 45th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11203
Thursday, October 15th
5:00 PM  to 7:00 PM
PS/ IS 206
Joseph F. Lamb
2200 Gravesend Neck Road,
Brooklyn, NY 11229
Friday, November 13 6-8 PM
(tours by appointment)
IS 234
Arthur W. Cunningham
1875 East 17th Street,
Brooklyn, NY 11229
Sunday, November 22nd at 10:00 AM
Tuesday, November 24th at 7:00 PM
IS 240
Andries Hudde
 2500 Nostrand Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11210
Thursday, November 12th 6-8 PM
IS 278
Marine Park
1925 Stuart Street,
Brooklyn, NY 11229
Tuesday, November 10th at 7 PM
IS 381 1599  East 22nd Street
Brooklyn, NY 11229
Monday, November 9th at 5:30 PM