Welcome to our new PA of PS/IS 206



All parents of students enrolled at PS/IS 206 Joseph F Lamb are members of the Parents’ Association, which meets monthly to discuss its business affairs, important school issues, and its fundraising activities. The Parents’ Board is the governing body of the Association, comprised of Grade Representatives and the Executive Committee Officers. Grade Representatives communicate with families each month and are expected to attend the monthly meetings. The Executive Committee’s focus is to distribute funds raised by the Association in a timely and equitable manner among the two School divisions PS and IS, as well as to ensure that the maximum number of students benefit from any expenditure. The Parents’ Association is a critical part of the PS/IS 206 Joseph F Lamb School community. Grade Representatives provide a vital communication link between the school and the home. Please take the time to consider what role you can play in helping to generate and provide supplemental support to the School. Our collective efforts will only enhance our children’s educational experience at PS/IS 206 Joseph F Lamb.

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