Holiday Scholastic Book Fair Winter 2014


Once again PS/IS 206 is partnering with Scholastic to bring literacy back to our school community. In the first week of December (12/1-5, 2014), Scholastic will make books available for purchase at PS/IS 206. Over the years, Scholastic has provided students a bookstore experience that is customized to their reading levels and interests, and all at affordable prices. Not only will you support students love of reading, but you will also help fundraise and earn bonus rewards for our school.

Scholastic Book Fairs provide four key factors to inspire more students to read.

  • Access: Book Fairs provide kids access to a large selection of books for a wide range of interests and reading levels.
  • Choice: Kids will read more when they have a choice in what they read. Choice leads to motivation, which leads to increased voluntary reading.
  • Involvement: Families that demonstrate interest in books and reading help students form lifelong reading habits.
  • Reading Practice: When kids are enthusiastic about what they read, they get more practice and become better readers and learners. 

As with any acquired skill, when kids practice reading, they become better readers. And the better they get, the more fun they’ll have doing it! So support our students for the love of knowledge by purchasing books and/or volunteering for the events. To volunteer, please contact Parent Association (PA) at or call (718) 743-5598 prompt #9. 

Fun Facts from Scholastic Book Fairs Spring
Total number of books acquired through our Fair 2,670
Average number of books purchased per student 1.89
Average minutes of voluntary reading per student 340
Total minutes of voluntary reading by your school 480,600

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