It’s The Big Day – PS 206 – Fundraiser Kick-Off!

Its that time of year again for the Cherrydale Fundraiser!  Students will receive a packet with all the information to get started to support our school.  You can show your support by registering your student for online selling and by sharing the brochure in person with friends, family, neighbors and at work to help maximize the impact for this fundraiser. Say YES FOR OUR KIDS and click here. Orders are due by November 5th!!


The PA is setting up the following committees to improve our fundraising efforts.  We are looking for fresh ideas and perspectives to raise funds for the school.

Boutique Sales – planning, donations, and inventory

Donations – reaching out to local and national businesses

Hospitality – purchasing and setting up refreshments for PA meetings and special events

If you would like to volunteer your time and expertise, please contact the PA.