Volunteer Opportunities

You want to volunteer to help make the school better, but you are afraid you will be stuck with something you don’t want to do. So you decide not to volunteer.  Does that sound familiar?  If so, you don’t have to worry anymore!  Here are some volunteer opportunities that you can sign up for.  Whatever your passion is, that’s where we want you to help!

Computers – The Parents Association isn’t just about helping the school or the kids. It’s also about helping other parents.  So if you love computers and you want to teach a class in Excel, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, etc., we will get you the space and some eager students and you can start your teaching career!

Class Moms/Dads – What? You’re not ready to get involved in helping the entire school?  That’s fine.  But if you like the parents from your kid’s class and talk to them at drop off and pick up, then this position is for you!  We would love for one volunteer from each class to just talk to the other parents about what’s happening in the school.  If there are any concerns or comments they want the PA to know about.

Gardener – Do your neighbors complement you on your garden? Do you love spending your free time outdoors?  Once the scaffolding is taken down, the school will be planting a garden and can use your help.

Sales – Do you like smiling at kids as they learn how to handle money transactions? We have plenty of sales.  We have Pizza Day, School Store, Holiday Boutiques and other’s Day Boutiques.  You can volunteer for 1 hour or a few hours on the sale days.  You can look at the schedule of events to see which date you can sign up for.

Event Planner – Do you like planning special events? Are you meticulous in every single detail that goes into an event?  Then you are the right person for the job.  We will be having dances, shows, movies etc.  So come help us plan an hiccup free event.

Translator – Do you know a language besides English? During the Parents-Teacher’s conferences, we need translators to help our immigrant parents communicate with the teachers.

Clerical – Can you type 100 words per minute? Can you document everything that is said during a meeting?  Good, because nobody on the PA Board can!  So we need you to help keep notes and keep everything in order.

Grant Writing – Are you a wordsmith? Do you have the power of persuasion?  There are hundreds of companies that donate money, goods, services to non-profits like the PA.  We would love to go after some of these grants.

Greeter – Are you a morning person? Do you like smiling?  We love to have a few parents in the morning working with school administrators to make sure the kids get into the school safely.  The best thing about this opportunity is its only 10-15 minutes per day.

Certified CPR Instructor – Our goal is to get every parent trained in CPR. We would love for someone to become a certified CPR trainer and hold a class once every few months.

Chess/Robotics/Music/Dance/Art – Are you talented? Do you want to teach what you love?  The PA is trying to organize extracurricular classes for the students.

Saving Mother Earth – Do you want to help make the school greener? Do you have ideas which will reduce our Carbon footprint?  Then let’s make the world a better place for our kids.  Every little change helps!

Finances – You know ways of saving money. Share your thoughts.  A penny saved is a penny earned.

You Have Ideas – You have a billion ideas in your mind about how to make things better. You believe you should be in a think tank at NASA.  Good.  We want to hear how we can do better as parents, as a school, and as a community.

Other opportunities:

  • Pizza  (Interested in helping serve pizza to students during lunch period)
  • Event Food (Bake or provide a batch of cookies or brownies for an event or pizza day)
    Please remember any bakes should be nut free.
  • Holiday Boutique  (Help organizing for boutique sales)
  • Mother’s Day Boutique (Help set up for school functions or clean up afterwards)

Please fill out the form below if you would like to volunteer of any of the events.
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Thank you!