Public Meeting of the Panel for Educational Policy

Murry Bergtraum High School
411 Pearl Street
New York, NY 10038
Tuesday, October 27, 2015
6:00 PM

In accordance with City Council legislation, Panel meetings will now be live-streamed over the Internet. To access this service, please register here<>. Registration will remain open until the meeting’s adjournment. A recording and transcript will be posted to the Panel website following the meeting.

Please be aware that if you choose to attend this meeting, your image or voice, or the image or voice of your child, may appear in the live-stream footage, or in the recording that will be posted to the Panel website.


Regular Public Meeting

A. Chancellor’s Update

B. Arts Advisory Committee Report

C. Aggregation of Community District Budgets Together with a Proposed Budget for Administrative Expenditures of the City Board and the Chancellor (see here<>).

The Panel will vote on the attached aggregation of community district budgets together with a proposed budget for administrative expenditures of the City board and the Chancellor. Public comment on this item will take place before the Panel votes.

D. Approval of Contracts (see here).<>

The Panel will vote on the attached list of contracts. Public comment on contracts being considered by the Panel will take place before the Panel votes.

E. General Public Comment

Sign Up For Public Comment
Speaker sign-up for agenda items B-E will begin at 5:30PM at the door and will close promptly at 6:30PM. Speakers may only sign themselves up for public comment, and only those who signed up will be permitted to speak during the appropriate public comment period(s). Each speaker will be allowed two minutes to speak during the public comment period(s) for which they signed up.
Interpretation Services
Interpretation services will be provided in Spanish; interpretation services for other languages will be provided upon request. American Sign Language will be provided through reservation only: (212) 374-5472 or<>.

Contact for agenda items: (212) 374-5472 / 52 Chambers Street, New York, NY 10007

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