School Survey, Spring Parent Workshops & CEC

School Survey:

The 2014-2015 version of the NYC School Survey has been revamped to align with the DOE’s Capacity Framework. This year, the survey will collect vital information about a school’s capacity to incorporate the six transformative elements to improve student achievement— rigorous instruction, supportive environment, collaborative teachers, effective school leadership, strong family and community ties, and trust—that drive school improvement and help develop students to compete in the 21st century. The revamped survey will be one of multiple measures used to help the DOE assess the six elements of the Capacity Framework.

The survey will be open for students and families from March 3, 2015 to April 2, 2015 and for teachers from January 6, 2015 to February 13, 2015.

You can contact Linda Edouard with the Office of School Performance with questions, at

Spring Parent Workshops:

The Chancellor is interested in continuing workshops in the Spring that will focus on reducing stress, curriculum, and transitions.

CEC Press Release January 2015:

Click on link for detail information on Chancellor Announces the 2015 Community and  Citywide Education Council Elections: CEC_PRJan2015

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